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Benefits of Gemstone Energy Medicine

Benefits of GEMandala™ Treatment Sessions

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Benefits of GEMandala™ Treatment Sessions

Gemstones are specifically chosen for the person, their condition, and their level of need. By placing the gemstones in specific geometric patterns the benefits of sacred geometry increase their therapeutic benefits. These gemstones are embedded in bees wax on a circular wooden disc with a handle that allows the gemstone energy medicine practitioner to move the GEMandala in additional geometric patterns at distances from the body.

A round wooden disc with a stick to hold it, with 4 frosted quartz aligned to the corners of a square and a central indigo focus indigo energy with the energy of 4 and the cube

Both the GEMandalas and the practitioner listen to the body's needs and draw close to the body as invited. They move in circles, spirals, vortexes, in/out and in a multitude of other ways as the body guides them. Both listen and move within the different auras (energy fields) at varying distances from the body and the physical, emotional, memory, thinking, intuitive, and spiritual bodies open to the gift of healing energy from spirit. The client receives all that they need, and all that is in their best interests. All healing comes from this energy of God/Universe/Vacuum. Practitioners and clients are only the chosen vehicles.

The practitioner is actively involved and the energy flows through them as well as the client. The energy is not directed, it is perceived and responded to. No judgement of dis-ease is given and no labels are given. The focus is on health. The gemstones remind the body what the blueprints of health are and restore them as a model of health.

When the practitioner also functions as a gemstone(s) they maximise the energy flow that gives the person these reminders of the blueprints of health and does the healing.

Meridians, acupuncture points, relexology points, trigger points and the energy windows into the body may all be treated. It works as well for animals and plants as it does for people. A wide range of gemstones gives the body choices from which it can choose the best for its present needs. Any condition can be "energised".

Only spherical gemstones can listen and respond to the spherical human energy fields in an active two-way communication. Gemstones shaped in sphere's with drill holes activate the power of the sphere and the sacred geometric energies within. Solfeggio music frequencies open the heart, release fear, activate DNA, and facilitate transformation.

Gemstones and mandalas with additional diamond or pounamu energy build a matrix of energy at subtle levels that guides faster repair of tissue and speeds recovery from injury, dis-ease, and immune disorders. Placing just a few select small drilled gemstone spheres in key places in geometric patterns and moving them within the body's energy fields in optimal ways enhances the body-gemstones connection. The drilled spheres may be placed upright to focus their axial energies or sideways to connect their equatorial energy waves to the recipient. A necklace requires the necklaces being positioned sideways in a complete and enhanced circle of axial (polar, spinal) energies.

These different positions give the client the benefits of toroidal heart energy fields, electromagnetic waves of light and sound and longitudinal scalar waves of "sound" energy. Sound provides "character, substance, rhythm, and magnetism. Each of these qualities could manifest in a positive, negative, or neutral wayÓ - Ginny Katz, "Beyond the Light", 1991.

Gemstone necklaces, and strands add the combined power of many gemstones when the body needs them. Gemstones and GEMandalas are cleansed and energised with gem essence sprays before use and gem essence tablets are placed on specific bodypoints. Both can be taken internally to give the body the energy it needs to restore its health.

Clients may practice HeartMath™ to bring the healing power of their mind and heart into congruency to soothe nerves, speed healing and enhance the benefits of the gemstones.

Benefits of Gemstone Necklace Therapy

A Dark Green Aventurine with Tsavorite necklace laid out in a spiral geometric form for added therapeutic effect

Spherical gemstones of high therapeutic quality work are brought together in synergies and harmonyies specific to the wearer's needs. GEMFormulas™ bring yin and yang into harmony with each other by supporting both inward (centripetal) and outward (centrifugal) energy flows. In these synergistic combinations necklaces can stir and increase vortex energies; the energy of the twin toroids - the sphere.

Necklaces may be worn all day and by the bed at night by undoing the clasp. Undoing the clasp allows the addition of short extender necklaces, which can make the necklace longer so that it does not lie on top of another necklace around the neck. This extender can also boost the power of the whole necklace.

Necklaces may be easily cleansed and energised with GEMFormulas™ Energy Clearing Spray™, Electro-Magnetic Radiation Protection Spray™, and Diamond Healing Rejuvenation Spray™. This treatment gives them more potency and means breakages are less often, thus lower the costs of restringing. GEMFormulas™ find that nylon does nto block energy flow and string all their necklaces with it so that they are longer lasting.

GEMFormulas™ necklaces are asymetrical when it is best to keep the body off balance to initiate the unexpected change necessary to improve health and healing. Combination necklaces work with the added power of specific numerology and number patterns.

The primary gemstone in any GEMFormulas™ necklace always has its symbiotic partner to increase the activity of the primary and when the primary is expensive this gives the same potency at markedly reduced cost.

Benefits of GEMFormulas™ Sprays and Tablets

ElectroMagnetic Radiation Protection, Energy Clearing and Diamond Healing spray bottles

Only the highest quality gemstones and diamonds are used by GEMFormulas.com in all their products.

The expense of tens to hundreds of gemstones used in the making of the GEMFormulas™ is available at low cost within the sprays and tablets thanks to special technology.

Sprays, tablets and necklaces can perform several functions in one products thanks to their combinations. Sprays have immediate action when sprayed into the auric energy field and tablets placed on specific bodypoints or taken internally continue to give the body healing energy for long periods.

Energy Clearing Spray™ and Tablets can be used to clear the energy of necklaces, people, animals, and rooms (adding to the benefits of Feng Shui).

EMR, Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Spray™ clears the EM energy that builds up around us when we use cellphones, computers, microwaves and other electronic devices. This clears the head and increase energy and wellbeing. EMR Spray and tablets also teach the body how to comfortably handle more radiation as it learns from being exposed to so much. This may be the only product that currently does this.

Diamond Healing Rejuvenation™ Spray and BluePrint Clearing™ Tablets cleanse, nourish, energise, and rebuild your body's blueprints of health.

Necklaces may be easily cleansed and energised with GEMFormulas™ Energy Clearing™ Spray, Electro-Magnetic Radiation Protection™ Spray, and Diamond Healing Rejuvenation™ Spray. When cleansed and energised they have more potency and break less often, lowering the costs of restringing.

Chakra Healer Clearing™ Spray and Chakra Healer™ optimise chakra health and wellbeing.

Spinal Alignment Spray™ and Spinal Health™ Tablets aid the release of tension, and the alignment of the different parts of the body including the spine.

Athlete's Energy™ Tablets enhance sports performance and recovery from injury, and increase stamina.

Body Wisdom™ Tablets increases the body's awareness of itself and knowledge on how to restore and maintain its health, energy, and well-being.

Dieting Support™ Tablets and Emotional Upliftment™ Tablets do what their name says best.

Immune Health™ Tablets clear the disturbances in your energy fields that make one susceptible to illness, speeds recovery from infection, and builds immunity so you don't get sick so often.

The above is a partial list. Products marked ™ are the property of GEMFormulas.com. Their range of products is continually increasing thanks to the research of Isabelle Morton (formerly Ginny Katz) and her team. On request Isabelle Morton of GEMFormulas.com will make you Personal GEMFormula™ blend tablets specific to your needs.

I also make unique gemstone mandalas specifically for you in your treatment sessions to best improve your health and wellbeing. Contact me below for more information and to book these personal treatments at a distance or personally present.

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