Diamond Gemstone Energy Healing

Body Work with Gemstone Energy Medicine

Gemstone Energy Medicine helps muscles relax; bands of tension to unwind; bones, muscles and ligaments to strengthen; nerves to energise and can restore all the body's energy systems to health.

It is a valuable addition to any bodywork. As a massage practitioner I enjoy many gemstone energy techniques and you may also find these most helpful:

Gemstone Energy Medicine helps muscles relax; bands of tension to unwind; bones, muscles and ligaments to strengthen; nerves to energise and can restore all the body's energy systems to health.

Immerse Yourself in Gemstone Energy

Allow yourself to be gemstone energy. Your bones can glow indigo with indigo, apatite and red coral; your muscles radiate yellow citrine energy; your third eye can see with amethyst; your heart may be filled rhodocrosite, emerald and other heart stones. Your lower power centres glow with ruby, carnelian and yellow sapphire and your uppermost power centres have the pure white beryl light.

Give Yourself Gemstone Fingers

If you like to wear gemstones every finger can wear one or more and sets of five can aid the clients tissues while you work. Spheres of gemstone energy sit well in the palm of the hand during all activities. Necklace extenders can adjust the size of necklaces, therapy strands and bracelets so that they fit wrists and ankles. Then they can administer their energies as you move about the client's body.

Have Infinite Imagination

Your pharmacy is as infinite as your imagination when you work with the metaphysical energy forms of spherical gemstones, mini and custom GEMandalas. They can all be perfect in brilliance, luster, quality and luminescence. They can all be the perfect spheres that make them most powerful and their sizes can be as large as the client's need.

The physical GEMandalas® that you create for your clients with real gemstones can assist and be assisted by the supra and metaphysical ones you use.

If you are physically missing a gemstone that calls to take part you can ask another gemstone that you do have physically to stand in (surrogate) and work with the energetic form of the "missing" gemstone at the metaphysical levels.

GEMandalas Therapy with Tablets

My iPad mini serves as a light-weight portable imager showing any of the 12 (as at May 2013) GEMFormulas® GEMandalas® to my clients. A client may shudder just looking at these graphic depictions as your intention and the gifts of metaphysical forms of the gemstones moves so much energy into their energy field to heal and uplift. When the client is not able to be present for the healing I email them the graphics.

Escape Physical Limits

Physical gemstones have physical limits. However metaphysical gemstones have no physical limits! They can be placed on location and moved within the physical body where physical GEMandalas® and necklaces cannot enter. The physical GEMandalas® and necklaces also have their metaphysical energies and you can work with all levels of their being at the same time.

The metaphysical energy forms are ideal when you want to work with someone without being physically present.

Solve on All Levels

Always work with as many levels of being at the same time as you can: physical, emotional, memory, mental and intuitive.

You are looking for the cause of the problem intuitively, thinking about and listening to the body, its needs and which gemstones can help relieve the specific condition the client presents with. You are remembering similar cases for clues on what might be called for, feeling what their causes and treatments may be and listening to the key words the client shares that indicate to you what their needs are.

Though a client will only rarely hear what they are saying and feel the energy of it you will sense certain words are key. These will stand out for you as if the person says "What I just said has a lot to do with what I need help for". You can speak it back to them if appropriate to help them become conscious of how their fears and thoughts are creating their reality.

All gives you clues as to what gemstones to use in both their metaphysical and physical energy forms.

Gemstone Guardian Guidance

Each of the gemstones has it's own guardian with the self-awareness and spiritual skills to help that gemstone in all that it does. Often these guardians will work with you, assist in your sessions and teach you about their gemstones as you work with them. They are always interested in learning more about the effects of gemstones have on different individuals with their unique patterns of dis-ease and different symptom pictures.

For every therapy, including Gemstone Energy Medicine, it is helpful to invite the presence of their and your client's spiritual guides and Masters, to work with you both for the good of all. They will often assist "hands-on" with their own energy and will be keen teachers that help you advance your knowledge and abilities to treat yourself and others.

Spiritual guides, guardians, masters, your higher self (Soul) and that of the client will offer insight into what needs to be done, if asked with permission given.

Light Up with Sound

Spherical gemstones are more potent than many healing tools because they work with both the sound and the light.

All seven colour rays are to be considered and each person's overall health responds to being given their primary colour ray. Each area of the body needs specific colour rays for it to heal.

The carriers of the colour rays are ruby (red), carnelian (orange), yellow sapphire with citrine assisting (yellow), emerald (green), blue sapphire (blue), indigo (indigo) and amethyst (violet).

Singing HU, an ancient name for God, positively raises the vibratory frequency of every cell, tissue and the whole body and may be sung silently or out loud to invite the presence of the divine and to work consciously with it. HU may be used within the framework of all religions and with all masters. To learn more about singing HU you can visit: Eckankar.org/hu.html.

May you be aware of the light and sound all around and through you, within you, within the gemstones, within all beings.

Help Available

If you would like help you are invited to contact me wherever you may be for sessions "at-a-distance" by email, Skype or Viber.

Those in Dunedin, New Zealand may book "in-person" sessions and there are gemstone therapists around the world.

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