Diamond Gemstone Energy Healing

The Most Potent Gemstone

Carbon forms the most perfect spheres. The healthy shape of any living being is the sphere.

As the element with the most spherical shape carbon has the greatest ability to teach other elements, tissues, organs, and the whole physical body the harmonics, frequencies, and shapes of health itself.

Carbon can hold more of the energy of the source field within it than any other physical element. The living gemstone with the most carbon in it is the human body with 18%. Diamond as pure carbon in its almost perfect cubic crystalline form is the gemstone equivalent of the matrix of life itself and is the gemstone most able to restore that health.

Both forms of carbon: the human body and diamond can access all the information about health that is held within the source field for every living form. With this information they can help restore the patterns of health.

The next two most spherical elements are hydrogen and silica. Almost perfect hydrogen spheres pack into face centred cubes with larger carbon spheres almost as neatly as in diamond creating the hydro-carbon building blocks of our bodies.

The greater flexibility of and the huge diversity of shapes that carbon and hydrogen can make together as molecules lets them perform an almost infinite range of tasks. Together they have the potential to adapt to unhealthy conditions and forget what health is and then to tune into the source field, read the patterns of health and restore them again.

If diamond is present it resonates with the very similar shapes of hydrogen and carbon, within both the practitioner and the client, transferring this information and empowering a return to health in the living spherical human (or other animal) bodies it is working with.

The energetic presence of the practitioner and energetic diamond(s) and gemstone(s) have greater abilities to heal as they may imagine themselves with many more sizes, shapes, colours and therapeutic abilities than can be purchased as physical gemstones and diamonds. These abilities are greater if the person working with them actively focuses their imagination and is aware of the principles of healing and sacred geometry.

These principles are included in a free emailed course by this author available at UnityConscious.org/sacred-geometry.

If silica gemstones are present diamond will also facilitate healing by resonating with silica as silica is so similar to itself.

Silica based gemstones are the quartz family, the largest family of gemstones, including: clear, lilac, rose (roselle), rutilated and other quartz, amethysts, andalusite, agates, aventurines, bloodstones, carnelians, chrysoprase, citrines, dumortierite, epidots, ivorite (quartzite), kyanite, jaspers, lavenders, onyx, spessartine (spessartite), staurolite, tanzanite, tsavorite, topaz and the tourmalines.

Diamond must be sufficiently pure of purpose and have the right proportions of healing colour rays to restore health. Most diamonds do not have this purity nor carry the amounts of the colour rays that the human body needs.

The energetic forms are more readily obtainable and if the practitioner imaging them is purely and loving interested in the health of the client and understands the colour rays they and the diamonds they create metaphysically will help restore health.

Some diamonds, gemstones and humans are focused on producing disease rather than health. Those practitioners and healing tools focused on health will help restore health.

The carbon and hydrogen in the human body resonate (tune in with) the diamond energy in physical and in imagined energetic form and together they can achieve amazing improvements to health at its sources: thoughts, feelings, memories and physical accidents, diseases and trauma. Whether gemstones and diamonds are physical or energetic the practitioner can tune themselves and their tools to best benefit the client.

The most potent form generally for a therapeutic gemstone or diamond is the perfect sphere. When rock crystals are not available in purities that allow spherical gemstones to be cut from them they may be available instead as chips, rondels or other shapes. In 2013 therapeutic quality citrine, which was for many years only available as chips became widely available as spheres. The sphere is of course its most potent form.

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