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Earth Star Chakra Exercise - Connecting with the Earth as Midwifes

As a Diamond Gemstone Therapist I love like to share an easy way you can connect to the Earth. Like us the Earth and animals have energy grids, energy channels, and vortexes known as chakras. Humans have seven within their bodies, an earth-star chakra below, and four above that strenghten the relationship between our emotional, memory, mental, and intuitive bodies and the physical.

As Soul we consult with our higher self, spiritual masters, and our guardian-angels to decide our our mission before we come to this earth and we bring from these higher levels the tool kits that will be activated and become available to us we need them later in life. The central core chakra of the earth is a very small black-white whole. This is "whole" is its energy centre from within and the Earth also receives energy via the heavens. We receive our earth energies from below and our heaven energies from above. This earth's star chakra connects with the sun's and the sun's connects with this part of the galaxy and the great central black-white whole at galactic centre. The information downloading from galactic centre is currently changing the DNA and consciousness of all life on earth. All life on Earth is going through quantum shifts to new levels of awarness.

When we arrive at birth the Earth gifts us a piece of its star chakra that is our earth-star chakra as long as we live. This chakra moves around with us in the earth below our feet. It stores needed information in our resource kits until the times we come of age. The gemstone that directly connects our awareness to this chakra is quality azurite-malachite and a GEMFormulas design released in 2011, called "Manifest Destiny" incorporates these azurite-malachite in specific number sequences and with symbiotic partner gemstones (including the onyx we are about to discuss) to facilitate this.

Our connection to the earth-star chakra is both direct via our central chakra tube that extends from the earth-star chakra along our spine and beyond our heads. The first chakra within our body relays this information and passes it on to our conscious gut feelings and higher awarenesses. Our base (coccyx - tail-bone) chakra is key to our understanding of the Earth.

When our base chakra is healthy and able to turn to face the earth it is able to release toxins and things we no longer need to hold on to, to the Earth. This often happens when in conjunction with "letting go our shit" - going to the toilet. Facing this way it also informs the Earth about us and allows us to receive more information from the Earth into our central chakra tube. When we are ready the information stored in our earth-star chakra can be gifted to back to us at the appropriate moments via this chakra if it is able to move into the face-Earth position. If the base chakra has a healthy connection to the central chakra tube the information it receives is easily passed it to the higher chakras giving us conscious awareness of what is going on in Earth and of the role we play, as a member of her team, a Midwife.

A healthy base chakra can also spend time in a second position facing forward. This allows it to radiate the information from our planet (Earth) and our earth-star chakra into our aura for access by our other inner bodies.

Picture of Ruby with black onyx on either side

A therapeutic quality Onyx necklace helps the base chakra do this by strenghtening it and this is why Onyx is very grounding. It can take a month or so for us to get used to this so an innovation was gifted to the us in mid-2010, in which one therapeutic quality red ruby weighing about 0.5ct placed in the necklace enables the onyx to enter gently and immediately enter into our energy fields more strongly than it can alone. Those wearing this Ruby-Onyx necklace report that it feels good and supportive immediately. The ruby facilitates the connection with the earth in a very helpful manner!

I really encourage you as Midwifes of the Earth keen to understand her all the way down to their roots to wear one of these necklaces. Ruby-Onxy has become available to us to help the Earth and us know each other better, and that is a wonderful blessing to both of us, during this unprecendented shift in consciousness.

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