Diamond Gemstone Energy Healing

Heart Felt Relationships Will Help You Achieve More with Your Gemstones

When you wear a therapeutic gemstone necklace, take a GEMFormula™ or work with a GEMandala™ it works within your energy field to help you. The more you love, respect, appreciate, and express gratitude to the gemstone energy the greater the connection will become between you both. The gemstone energy will be able to do more for you and you will be able to do more for it.

Declaring that you are on the same team and letting the necklace or remedy know, from your heart, that you are supporting it as it supports you will produce markedly greater health results for you.

Healing occurs simultaneously for all beings involved in any one beings healing. To heal is to grow in wisdom together with others and discover what you can do differently to look after yourself and those around you in ways that you all like.

When you choose to be conscious of your relationship with those energies that you invite into your energy field to make changes for you, you enhance those energies.

Knowing that they have your attention the healing energies can open up a communication with you at many levels and especially through the heart. "Your Heart is My Heart" and love is the key to the door that lets healing energy through.

You can still work with supportive energies when you are anything but loving. At these times ask them to teach you how to be more loving. Ask them to teach you how to listen to them, how to appreciate, serve and respect them.

Do something special for your gemstone necklaces every day, whether you are wearing them that day or not. This builds relationship and it lets the gemstones know that when you do choose to work with them you will do so with all your heart and soul and you will achieve great things together.

"Something Special" can be to gently mist Energy Clearing™, EM Protection™, and Diamond Healing Sprays™ over them so that they get a little energy, recharge and know that they are still part of your family. You might touch them to say hello or speak to them silently or aloud. Even in passing this achieves a connection just as it does to smile and say hello as you pass a friend briefly on a street. Think of them if you are away for a long time, just as you would a friend and loved one.

Take them out for a walk around your neck to touch base with them. If it is just a short time that you will be with them and they with you, let them know this by simply thinking it. Let them know about how long this present time together will be. Appreciate them and advise them that at other times when your are not working with other necklaces, remedies or GEMAndalas® you will enjoy a special journey with them - when you can focus on that special health projects or spiritual journeys that you would like to do with them.

As much as you are working with other beings who have their own energy fields like yours stay open and love them for all that you can do for them for it is these very things in which the healing or self-improvement that you seek will lie.

Always let your heart reach out to them and let them as deeply into your heart as your heart allows.

Your heart is the generator of magnificent energy fields that extend well beyond your body. It is these energy fields that empower the gemstones and gemstone energy medicines that you work. Now that they are above ground and on your body you are their earth, you are their sun, moon, centre and lover.

Love All your friends for All you are worth and you will learn more and more about divine, sacred love.

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