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The therapeutic potency of spheres, vortexes, and energy waves

The six pointed star-tetrahedron of sacred geometry and the merkarba, (shown above and in the rotating graphics below), and the five platonic solids are all found within the sphere. By milling gemstones into spherical shapes the spherical energy fields (auras) of the gemstone can establish two way communication with the spherical energy fields of plants and animals. The two can mirror each other. The sphere shape communicates with the energy fields of beings when within that being's atmosphere. When within the earth crystalline shape is needed as communication within the earth is by way of crystalline form.

The Sphere and the Platonic Solids

The Five Platonic Solids and their combination pairs
The Five Platonic Solids in single colours: Tetrahedron (purple), Cube (green), Octahedron (light-blue), Icosahedron (red), Dodecahedron (blue)
and their combination-pairs: Star-Tetrahedron, Cube-Octahedron, and Icosa-Dodecahedron (Earth's current Dual Human Consciousness Grid). Graphic from:

Spherical shape is needed if the gemstone is to work in zero-point (free) energy forms and within the atmosphere to bring in energy and cleanse that atmosphere of the physical, emotional, and mental pollution of the Gaia. Spheres house the platonic solids that harmonise with, exchange energy with, and draw energy from the same geometric shapes within the planets, stars, and the etheric structure of the "vacuum" of space itself.

In the pictures below the hexagon of the star-tetrahedron can be seen in the shape of the storm at Saturn's northpole, and the shape of the cube and octahedron in the Red Star Galaxy on the right.

The decades old north polar hexagonal storm on Saturn The red square nebula shaped like a square or a octahedron vewed end on
Above left is a still from a movie from the Cassini spacecraft, made possible only as Saturn's north pole emerged from winter darkness, showing new details of a jet stream that follows a hexagon-shaped path and has long puzzled scientists. The jet stream looked the same 30 years earlier when photographed in less detail by Voyager (Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute). Above right is a NASA picture of the red square nebula. My guess is that it is an octahedron viewed from one end, as the galaxies near us are placed along the edges of octahedrons (two Giza/Cheops Pyramids base to base).

The overlapping spheres of the 3D Flower of Life The sphere is formed from the zero-point that is connected (entangled) with all zero-points. This is the infinity of God, which is fractally subdivided to infinity as smaller and smaller spheres form within spheres. The energy flow from source into the zero-point forms a disc-shaped black hole and the energy flow out of the zero-point forms energy vortexes above and below and a disc-shaped white hole that surrounds the black hole, as in the picture of our MilkWay's Central Black-White Whole in the NASA picture below left. Thus the zero-point manifesting within the worlds of space and time has polarity.

Electro-Magnetic and Levito-Gravitational Waves

The black-white whole at centre maintains fractals of standing electro-magnetic waves that together form a 3D spiral due to the rotation of the disc-shaped black-white whole and in the pattern of spheres within spheres. The standing electromagnetic energy vortexes formed at the zero-point expands as it spirals out and in opposite directions. There is a male one above (north) and a female one below (south). Viewing the electro-magnetic collapses the wave functions observed and they become particles. Interactions between the particles and remaining waves create photons which we see as light emitted out along its central vertical axes, its north and south poles. The vortexes may be seen in the pictures below.

The Vesica Pisces: Two overlapping circles where circumferences touch centres NASA's picture of the eye of God, an astronomical Vesica Pisces object The overall character of the standing electro-magnetic wave is masculine (yang), and has male and female aspects. Female energy is regenerative, contractive, constructive, centropic, implosive; Male energy is generative, expansive, dispersive, entropic, explosive). The masculine aspect, the electric wave appears to move out from centre and the feminine aspect, the magnetic wave, appears to move in to the centre. The electric wave is the radiant (explosive) masculine aspect that spirals out in harmony with the magnetic wave attractive (implosive) feminine aspect. Both are standing waves formed by the petals (vesica pices, white area in graphic pictured at left) of the overlapping spheres of the 3D flower of life (coloured purple in the the graphic on the right), which occupy the all of everything so neither wave is actually going anywhere. However from a point of view, a relative position, time is created and gives perception of movement.

Matter is sucked in by the magnetic wave as has been observed at the poles of gaseous stars and planets, and in sunspots, which are openings to black-white wholes inside the sun.

One of NASA's best of the Milky Way's Great Central Black-White Whole with what is known as our Great Central Sun at the centre of our galaxyOne of NASA's pictures of the Blue Symphony Galaxy On the left is one of NASA's pictures of the Great Central Black hole and what is also known as our Great Central Sun at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. Note the electro-magnetic (EM) light vortexes above and below the equatorial galactic plane and the way the levito-gravitational waves (strongest at the equatorial plane and nearer centre) give the black-white whole a flat disc shape. The twin white (EM) vortexes are about 25,000 light years tall before they further disperse into the curve of the sphere that is our galaxy more than 50,000 light years in diameter. On the right is NASA's photo of the Blue Symphony Galaxy with its spinning disc shaped black-white whole producing a disc shaped spiral galaxy, like the Miky Way, along its equatorial gravitational plane.

This central (North-South) electromagnetic energy vortex is created in the gemstone by drilling the sphere as if to make space for it, and nature fills the vacuum, and the energy is stronger because of the hole. This energy carries the blueprints of healing, the divine wisdom of source, available in every wave, always making all knowledge available to all beings (zero-points, black-white wholes) and returning with their wisdom to source.

This is an animated GIF of a rotating tetrahedron
The geometric shape of a spiral vortex is a tetrahedron: a three-sided pyramid of three equal-sided trianges, with an identical triangle as its base. Everything in creation exists in partnership with its opposite so two tetrahedons share space together as a star tetrahedron (pictured above). A male tetrahedron (blue in the above graphic) points up and a female tetrahedron (purple) points down. The spins of both vortex-tetrahedrons are in the same direction as they are generated by the same central disc-shaped black hole rotating at their shared centre. As the vortexes are orientated in opposite directions relative to each other their spins are opposite (clockwise and counter-clockwise) because if one is turned head about tail to align with its base with that of the other.

Everything is both feminine and masculine, yin and yang to infinity larger and smaller. Each of the above tetrahedrons has an opposite tetrahedron of identical size, shape and orientation sharing exactly the same space. What is called the male tetrahedron (blue) above exists with a female tetrahedron (not shown) and the male aspect generates the electric wave, and the female the magnetic wave at the north pole. The female tetrahedron (purple) below exists with a male tetrahedron (not shown) and the female aspect generates the magnetic wave, and the male the electric wave at the north pole. Rather than continue the division of everything into male and female aspects to infinity let's return to keeping it simple as if there is just one star-tetrahedron, male tetrahedron up, female tetrahedron pointing down.

On the surface of a sphere around the star-tetrahedron, such as a planet or gemstone, electro-magnetic (EM) energy from the white-whole is focused at each of the eight points of its star-tetrahedron. Two of these are the axial (north-south) EM energies described above, three are at 19.5 degrees of lattitude above (the base of the female tetrahedron) and three at 19.5 degrees of lattitude below (the base of the male tetrahedron) the equator. Each set of three points are spaced 120 degrees of longitude apart from each other, and when the two are combined, each of the six are 60 degrees apart as in the hexagon. This energy is evident in storms such as the spot on Jupiter, most active volcanoes such as Hawaii on Earth, and sunspots on our local sun, all of which are located at lattitude: 19.5 degrees. Viewed from directly above or below the energetic 3D star-tetrahedron is a central point of light (looking down the axis) surrounded by a six ray star appearing two-dimensioanl. The 3D shape of the star-tetrahedron itself is a six pointed 2D star of David seen in the graphic at the top of this page. The star-tetrahedron rotates with the sphere and its orientation varies according to the sex of the sphere. In planets pole shifts occur when the tetrahedron shifts and the sex changes. (For more information see Cosmic Cycles).

Star Tetrahedron in a sphereThe rotating star-tetrahedron, merkarba around a humandoidA gemstone in the spherical form also has energies at these points, (as pictured on the left). As does the human body as pictured on the right. These tetrahedral rays and the masculine-feminine orientation of a sphere and of the different parts of the plant or animal body are used in healing with the spherical form crystal-gemstone. Pictured is an artist's perception of star-tetrahedron, known also as the Merkarba, Mer ke ba, around a human. As seen in the left-hand image there is also an heart-energy wave in the equatorial plane. This is present with all sphere forms, including the Merkarba.

Advanced theoretical considerations: : Skip these if you wish
1. The Vortex Enigma If each tetrahedron is a vortex and the vortex does arise from a black hole at the centre of every star-tetrahdron how does the black hole generate a vortex the shape of each tetrahedron when centered 19.5degrees of lattitude above the base of each tetrahedron.
2. How can we visualise or create a mathematical proof that an vortex can be following the wave form of the vesica pisces in overlapping spheres of increasing size, and does this happen over such large distances that as observers we see the frequencies of waves as staying the same.
3. If the tetrahedrons spin independently at different rates and or in different directions as taught in different teachings of the Merkarba, and in some theories of how the magnetic field is created, what drives them to do so?
Please email me your views on this!

Gem Mandala Geometry

In Gemstone Energy Medicine Mmandalas are made by placing gemstones in geometric patterns on the two-dimensional plane of a therapy rod to work with the energies of the three-dimensional platonic solids as if the GEMmandala was a sphere itself. When the plate of the therapy rod has gemstones placed at the points of an equilateral triangle it calls to itself the energies of the tetrahedron. When gemstones are placed at the four corners of a square (as is most common, 2011) they work with the energies of the platonic pair that shares that geometry of the cube and octahedron. When six gemstones are placed at the points of a hexagon the GEMandala works with the energies of the star-tetrahedron. Twelve and twenty work with the shared geometry of the icosahedron, which has 12 points and 20 triangular faces, and the dodecahedron, which has 20 points, 12 pentagonal faces. Twenty works with the shared geometry of the icosahedron, which has 12 sides, and the dodecahedron, which has 12 points.

3D therapy rods work with the same solids in 3D. These are more of a "handful" and may be hung above the bed to do their therapy during bedtime.

The spheres in the GEMandalas can be positioned by their drill hole, which is their vertical axis. Most times so far I have found the therapeutic effect to be the greatest when this axis is aligned in the plane (plate) of the GEMandala. The plate of the GEMandala is then attracted to and spends most of its time parallel to the body worked on. This alignment creates a synergy in which the axis of the gemstones often parallel with the body and this may be what strengthens the interaction. The frequent alignment of the EM axis of the gemstones to the EM axis of the body also means that their heart energies overlap and intermingle. It is love, the heart energy, which is the creative healing force. The EM wave is presumably the knowledge on what health is so that it may be restored (the blueprints) but not the energy to actually make the changes.

The twin toroids of Love

All of the energies of the from the central void-point follow the shape of a torus, and together what we looked at as the two electro-magnetic vortexes, top and bottom, above create one torus on top of another, a pair.

Single torusTorusPictured at left is a single static torus and on the right a dynamic torus, viewed side on to accentuate the twin vortexes on its surfaces. Spiraling as if it were on the surface of a torus the energy of the electric wave moves up and out, round, and back in to where it started in a curve that becomes the equatorial surface of the torus, and going in the other direction the magnetic wave goes in at the poles. Note how in the illustration below each is a different colour gray and purple. Both travel in opposite directions and arrive back at source. The black-white whole is the ultimate recycler, the source of perpetual energy at the zero-point. The electro-magnetic waves coming towards an observer are perceived as levito-gravitational waves and have different effects when going away from the observer.

A star-tetrahedron is a male and a female tetrahedron functioning together to make one whole and each tetrahedron has a torus. Thus the sphere formed by their combination is a dual-torus, formed by one torus stacked on top of another. In balance the male one on top gives energy to the female so she is not squashed by having him on top and she holds that energy so that he is held up! Each torus is donut shaped as a result of spin and curvature (the Coriolis Effect). The energy boundaries of the sphere can be felt as voids and seen as the transitions between one aura and the next.

Technical Explanation: Skip this if you wish
Once an unpowered arrow, cannon ball, or missle leaves that which propelled it into motion it arcs towards the earth in a flattened curve as if it was making half of the donut. The ground the projectile is moving a different speeds to the ground speed at the moment it was shot out on its own path and the farther it travels towards or away from the poles the more it drifts to one side. This is because the earth spins on its poles and at the point where the poles are it does not move. Viewed from space above the equator the ground beneath moves fastest of all because the gifth of the sphere is greatest at that point, and all of it has to move with every rotation. The combination of the effect of gravity and spin creates a spiral movement on the surface of a part of a torus (donut).

Haramein Rauscher solution to Einstein's field equations
Pictured above is the Haramein-Rauscher solution to Einstein's Field Equations. It has a single gravity wave and only shows in the inner part of the dual-torus.
If you know of anyone, including Nassim, describing this wave as having two components: levitational as well as gravitational please let me know.
For more information seeNassim Haramein's theories at: Nassim refers to zero-points as black-white wholes.

At the periphery (the farthest point of travel), which Nassim calls the outer event horizon, the electro-magnetic waves that were tightly spiralled at the poles are farthest apart and are now the levito-gravitation wave that spirals on the equatorial half of the donuts, where one donut almost touches the other. The illustration above only shows the middle part of the dual torus. The inset picture and the moving graphic below shows the whole of the dual-torus.

When the waves change from coming towards the observer to going away from the observer they have different properties. The electric wave coming towards the observer is the gravitational wave when going away from the observer and back to the void point black-white whole. The levitational wave coming towards the observer is the magnetic wave when going away from the observer. The leviational wave travels with and in the opposite direction to the gravitational wave. The masculine (yang) becomes the feminine (yin) and the feminine becomes the masculine. Masculine electrical and levitational aspects become feminine gravitational and magnetic effects as each returns to source. The electro-magnetic wave towards to the poles is the levito-gravitational wave in the region of the equators (where the jam is between the donuts).

On the surface of the sphere electro-magnetic energy is strongest at the poles where electro-magnetic waves are closer together, and levito-gravitational energies are strongest where they are closest together at the equator. Some of both of these energies have been measured reaching us from the great central black-white whole that is the galaxy that we are within, the sun whose heliosphere we are within, the Earth whose Van Allen Belts we are within, the human who each of us is, and the shape they create are seen in the electron shells of the atoms of which we are composed. There are also holes at the poles but I have not heard of any physical gap at the equator of Earth!

Both the electro-magnetic and the levito-gravitational waves are standing still and holding everything in place so that planets do not descend into healthy suns, electrons do not collapse into the nuclei of healhy atoms. Within space time electro-magnetic and levito-gravitational energies both repell and attract, and if in balance together hold all things in their proper place. Though matter is swallowed up by black holes it's energy is recycled back out again by healthy white whole. During life soul/spirit/God/creative energy manifests from the void-point and creates order (centropy, dysentropy). With its energy present all things stay in their right place, according to the directives of the consciousness which is soul. The soul consciousness animating the void point connects with its God source/Universal energies as much as it knows how to, and the degree to which it is able to and the degree to which it has a divine purpose for being alive is the degree to which it is healthy. At death the void-point completely stops maintaining "its body", the black-white whole shuts down, and the atom, human body, sun, galaxy, or whatever else it is, starts to decay (entropy). This starts the moment "spirit leaves the body". The larger the black-white whole is relative to the observer, the slower it decays relative to the observer. To a human an atom decays faster than a human body when it dies, and a sun faster than a galaxy. Time and the speed of light are relative to size.

Animated dual torusThe blue-beads on the dual torus at left show the levitational aspects of the levito-gravitational waves that start to move horizontally (equatorially) out from the void point and at the periphery becomes the magnetic aspects of the electro-magnetic waves following the surfaces of the twin toroids inwards at the poles top and bottom.

The masculine (electromagnetic wave) becomes the feminine (levito-gravitational wave) and vice versa. All waves travel in curves as all that is God returns to God (zero-points). The energy waves emitted from a black-white whole spiral all the way along the surface of the torus back to the black-white whole that made them. Just as a projectile shot straight up from the ground stops at the top and comes back down again (unless it was going fast enough to escape the gravity of the Earth's black-white whole altogether) the waves start to come back when half way round their curve of the torus. As discussed above energies spiral in both directions.

As the waves are farthest apart and travelling the slowest at the farthest point on the torus, less of them are seen near the edges of toruses (the edges of the sphere, the edge of space) and the actual outer edge itself cannot be discerned. However as spheres overlap (as seen in the flower of life graphic top right) as one is diappearing another sphere starts to appear, making it difficult to tell which is which. In soul travel and metaphysics this transition zone is the void between planes and the graded variation between different levels of consciousness in which the traveller (or practitioner) is always getting closer to something as they get farther away from something else.

Energy Fields in Gemstone Therapy

In the practice of gemstone therapy these energy boundaries are felt by the energy of the practitioner's hand, and sometimes the GEMandala therapy rod touches this edge or some distance in and it as if it hits a wall without a door or bridge to get through. These energy zones are felt on the edges of the different auras. The physical body is solid to the physical hand and therapy rod. The emotional (astral) body is equally solid to the emotional energy field of the hand and rod and the hand can feel it. Further out from all spheres are their memory, thinking, and intuitive energy fields. Each is more subtle and of a finer vibration, higher frequency than the previous and each is centered on Soul, which acts through the black-white whole or void-point in the heart. Though we think of the physical body as the starting point, energetically it is the end point, the last body to be created.

Electromagnetic vortexes and Scalar Heart Toroidal Field The levito-gravitational wave of the heart is known as the scalar toroidal heart field. To repeat the levito-gravitational wave is the energy as the electro-magnetic energy near the poles (spinal, north-south, axes (plural of axis) of the body. As explained above the transition zone between levito-gravitation and electro-magnetic waves at the outer periphery of the torus is not discernable as the wave is not moving, so they are often seen as two separate energies. The heart has long been known as the centre of levity and gravity, light-heartedness, and heavy-sadness. There is a torus and tetrahedron for every atom, every cell, every organ, and each inner body (auras).

Three nested toruses have been measured centered on the heart. These toroidal heart fields have been measured 18m and further out from the human body. The heart's magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than the brain's and its electric field is about 100 times stronger. In the diagram at left imagine a human or gemstone just a few pixels tall in the middle. If a gemstone is 1cm and a human is about a 1m across we can assume the gemstones energy field is in the order of 100 times smaller than the humans. It is for this reason when we place it by our beds, close enough for us to be in its energy field, we keep it within 1.8m at most. By intention we can connect easily with it however far away it is, and if we can hold that intention at all times, the two-way relationship between us and the gemstone is maintained. Less than 1.8m (6 feet) can make it easier.

When masculine-feminine energies are in harmony with each other the weaker field resonates (synchronises, entrains) with the stronger. Thus from weakest to strongest the brain listens to the heart which listens to the earth which listens to the sun which listens to the great central sun which listens to the information in the form of electric and levito waves that come from the centre of the universe and beyond that from God Itself. God Itself ultimately learns from the Multi-verses, which receive information in the form of the magnetic and gravitational waves from Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Mountain, Plant or Animal, Rock or Cell, Atom and on. Somewhere beyond our understanding in the infinitely smaller than the atom, the atom is a universe to that which is much smaller; repeating and repeating.

In spiritual traditions such as Eckankar ( we are reminded that the light of God brings us knowledge and lights our path (the masculine, outgoing aspect) so we can see our way and the sound of God guides us, as we follow it (the feminine, returning aspect) back home to God. In writing the above I have followed my personal experiences in the teachings of this spiritual tradition to define the sacred geometry and in particular, the polariy, the masculine-feminine aspects I have given to energy and its wave forms.

The electro-magnetic vortexes in the sphere align with the spine and a spinal tube that aligns with the spinal chakras and each chakra has its own smaller black-white whole creating its own energy field fed by the one above and feeding the one below. These are seen and felt as their toroidal energy fields. The electromagnetic energy components of the same toroids merge with all others large than them and in the spinal tubes.

The void-point at the centre of the star-tetrahedron and the centre of the sphere distributes energy from Soul-source to the intuitive, thinking, and subconscious bodies, which distributes it to the feeling, astral body which distributes it to the supra-physical chakras and meridians, which distribute it to the phsical body. And the energy goes back to source from the smallest (physical) to the largest (soul/spirit).

The apple-green gemstone known as chrysoprase is used in GEMandalas for its special focus of interacting (harmonises in vibration) with the standing energy waves of the black-white whole void-points of the atoms and their components. It's is a special and rare ability because most spheres interact and harmonise strongly with that which is bigger than them, rather than smaller. Any black-white whole (void-point) may interact with any other, as all are one; the oneness of God. Just as the black-white whole which is the Universe we are within does not spend much more focus on its stars than we have time to spend on each of our 100,000,000,000 cells most black-white whole beings focus on what is larger, hence our gratitude to chrysoprase for exploring relationship with the infinitely small. Perhaps the favour we give to that which is larger than us is because each fractal at whatever scale (magnitude) of division is seeking its way home towards the largest, which is God.

Gemstones in spherical form harmonise with all other spheres, especially the big one that envelops them, the wearer. Threaded together and worn as a necklace around the neck they encompass the "planet" which is their world.

As we are learning to respect all beings living in our larger world, the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe we also respect those smaller beings that work for us as part of the team, which is us.

This includes caring for, feeding, cleansing, nourishing, and expressing gratitude to every cell in our body, and every gemstone within a necklace for helping us find our way home to God.

We take them all with us as we rediscover God. To become god-like is to love all that which is us equally and to give them a hand to discover God within too.

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